E-Commerce Specialists & Customer Relationship Management

Intelecom understands and can deliver your e-commerce, telemarketing and associated services, releasing you to do more selling. We provide you with highly experienced E-Commerce Management (Big Commerce & Shopify) and Fulfilment Services to keep your customers happy, supported by Customer Contact and Relationship Management Services to introduce you and your company to retail customers or the corporate market in the UK and abroad.

  • E-Commerce - A successful website and e-commerce service that helps you start or grow your business online. We are very experienced in running BigCommerce & Shopify websites and executing Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Appointment Making is an essential service to keep your sales people active and meeting new prospects.
  • A call handling service is far more than someone taking a message and passing it on. Calls need to be handled promptly and professionally.
  • A virtual office is far more than making your company fit into a pre-determined package of services and meeting rooms that the virtual office provider wants to deliver.
  • Call Centre Training is far more than teaching your operatives to stick to the script, ask for the appointment/sale 3 times and to handle objections by ignoring whatever is being said to them. They need to be able to listen carefully and then respond appropriately.
  • Customer Relationship Management is far more than an expensive CRM software package. In any economic climate your business depends on having an excellent relationship with your clients.
  • Customer Contact Management is vital to any business and is far more than making a nuisance follow up call every 3 months. It is always more cost effective to keep your exsisting clients then try to get new ones.

Intelecom Ltd understands and can deliver the "far more" of your telemarketing and associated services, releasing you to do more selling by offering a well established Customer Contact and Relationship Management Service to the corporate market in the UK and abroad.

The first step in any sales cycle is the first contact, and that usually boils down to a simple act; picking up the phone. This is often where even your top sales people fall down; they are very often phone averse. Picking up the phone is precisely what we do best.

Developing and managing a relationship with a customer or a potential customer is a time-consuming deskbound job. We are always available to make those tedious follow up calls and to spend the time finding the correct contact and qualifying them properly. We are never too busy to talk to them about their needs and how your company can add value to theirs and most importantly we are not phone averse.

The Typical Sales Cycle:

Model of a Typical Sales Cycle

If your sales graph looks this then your sales people are probably caught in the trap of cyclical pipeline creation followed by intense periods of selling where your pipeline dries up. The key to keeping your sales staff in face-to-face meetings and your sales pipeline full is an ongoing telemarketing activity in conjunction with a search engine optimisation campaign and should not be done at sporadic intervals.

For years we have specialised in enhancing and developing customer relationships to keep the pipeline flowing. We are therefore uniquely poised to offer you a bespoke service. We are happy to undertake both long and short-term projects, so contact us to discuss the needs of your business.

For many of our clients we are a permanent marketing arm, for others we give their business a fresh boost at periodic intervals although some of our clients prefer an in-house team of people to back up their sales forces. Our specialist training ensures that your team do not sound the same as most call centre operatives and whichever path you decide would suit your business best, you are a highly valued customer.

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