Appointment Making Services - Is your pipeline full?

Not all sales people are good at keeping their pipelines full of leads. More often than not they are caught in the trap of having to get back on the phone to create more leads because their pipeline business has dried up - something that some may find difficult if they are "phone averse".

When you employ Intelecom Limited as your appointment making service, we make those all important lead generation calls for you, freeing up your sales staff to do what they do best - SELL!. Having your top sales people stuck behind a desk making their own cold calls instead of being out and face to face with prospective customers is not cost effective and invariably leads to a downturn in the number of sales coming in.

A good appointment making service can make all the difference. Whether you have a sales force of hundreds or work on your own, you can rely upon us to fix the right number and type of appointments and it is important that there is a measure of quality control. Intelecom make sure that only "quality" appointments are arranged.

Our quality control procedures double check that each appointment coming from our appointment making service meets your criteria and therefore will be worthwhile. Finally, we send both you and the prospect a letter, fax or eMail confirming the date and time of your visit as well as any relevant contact details.

Try it out, it really does work.

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