Call Handling

Think of the person who answers your phone as the display in your shop window. If your shop window is an answering machine you may be losing clients and potential clients. By asking Intelecom Limited to provide you with a call handling service we become the display in your shop window. You can have your existing telephone numbers diverted to your own trained personal assistant, who will be trained to deal with all types of incoming and outgoing calls and all calls will be answered in your company name.

Many companies lose the edge simply because their sales force is never available to talk to the customer when they call in, or because the person answering your phone is restricted to taking a message and passing it on in your absence. By having Intelecom Limited manage your call handling requirements you will always have someone there to answer your customers needs.

Whether you need a simple answering and messaging taking service or someone dedicated to handling a range of more complex calls, Intelecom Ltd can provide a call handling service ideally suited to your needs which are customised to your individual company requirements. Including setting up telephone numbers for use in your campaign.

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