Customer Relationship & Contact Management

Good Customer Relationship Management is essential in nurturing customer relationships and developing customer loyalty which is the cornerstone of any business. Customer-centric marketing is based on communication and in the final analysis it is the quality of the communication that develops the long-term relationship with your clients.Your first communication with a potential client is often the most important as it establishes the ethos of your company, first impressions have always counted.

Intelecom Limited give the best first impression you can buy.

When your company needs:

  • To build a relationship with a potential client and to cultivate a strong sales opportunity before you meet with the client
  • Telemarketing campaigns for larger companies
  • To personalise and customise the relationship with existing clients and potential clients

Let Intelecom Limited make those all-important initial contacts, handle the fulfillment work and cultivate the relationship on your behalf. You will receive the information we collect whilst speaking to the Decision Maker Contact. Therefore you can plan a pro-active strategy while we handle your contact management and cultivate the client on your behalf.

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Intelecom - Customer Relationship Management Services