Call Centre Training

If you have recieved cold calls in the past then you are possibly wondering why they are so poor at listening to what you say, why they are so poorly informed about your needs and why they sound to have no interest in you or the company they are calling from? It is simply that the "Cold Call" training they have recieved in the past has trained them like that.

If you dislike receiving calls from Call Centres and do not wish your telemarketing team to sound like most call centre operatives, the call centre training given by Intelecom Limited can help. Call Centre and Telemarketing staff are invariably trained to sound the way they do - However it is possible to train them out of those infuriating "cold call" habits.

Intelecom Limited can deal with the telemarketing training of your staff to help them understand your business, the needs of your potential customers and to listen to the information that they are given on the phone - all of which will assist them in making high yield calls.

Having an in-house team handling your telemarketing and contact management can sometimes be more suitable than an outsourced activity. We can help you set up your own call centre team or improve your existing telemarketing team by taking any previous "Cold Calling" training out of your operatives.

If you need to make cold calls but are uncomfortable with how the activity is conducted, training provided by Intelecom Ltd will make the difference. Many companies are very uncomfortable with what "cold calling" says about them, but still need to make the calls. The telemarketing training Intelecom Limited can provide will improve the quality of the leads and appointments that your team will secure for you and make an improvement in how they conduct your business on the phone.

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