Seminars, Events and Conference Confirmations

When arranging a Seminar, Event or Conference, it takes a great deal of time and money to ensure it goes smoothly. Companies sent out a great number of invites to prospective clients, and others in their business, but without someone to follow up for you how do you know who will be attending your Seminars, Events and Conferences and make sure that they will really work for you?

To help ensure that your Seminar, Event or Conference goes as smoothly as possible, Intelecom limited will:

  • Call and "clean" the list of the companies you wish to mail to source the name of the person you wish to target in the mailing and ensure that you are contacting the correct person for you needs.
  • Do all the follow-up calling within 3 to 4 days of your invitations being posted to check that the invites have all been received.
  • Will call to ensure that they have been responded to.
  • We will also confirm who is attending and who isn't.

Special events need not disrupt your normal workload, Intelecom Limited can make the whole experience go more smoothly and allow you to gain the maximum benefit with the minimum of stress.

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