Satisfaction Surveys

Every now and again, companies want to run a satisfaction survey to check how clients perceive them or need to establish customer satisfaction levels. However asking these questions is sometimes difficult to do, especially if you think there might be problems!

You may not have the time to make these calls, even though you know they can provide invaluable data and often lead to selling opportunities. Most companies often neglect to ask their customers what else they can do for them on a regular basis, normally because they are too busy dealing with the business at hand. Up selling can therefore be a random hit or miss activity, but not if Intelecom Limited are doing it for you on a regular basis.

It is easier to deal with a dissatisfied customer when the issues first occurs. Often by the time your team hears of a problem it has become far more difficult or time consuming to resolve, and the customer has become intractable. If Intelecom Limited are performing regular satisfaction surveys and are calling regularly to check levels of satisfaction then our trained staff can pick up the first hint that all may not be well and alert you or the relevant member of your team. Taking action early on when a problem arises avoids complications!

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