Office Services for Small Businesses

Intelecom Limited can provide the extra member or members of staff you need to perform various administrative functions for your business. You specify exactly what office services your business requires and the Personal Assistant assigned by Intelecom will provide those services for you.

This may mean that for your business needs, you may require more then one person, each with different sets of skills. As a small business you may not wish to directly employ several members of staff to provide all the administrative functions that you require.

For a fixed monthly fee Intelecom Ltd will provide anything from a few basic office functions to a complete office service for you. If you need extra, one-off projects, these can be purchased as and when you require them. More services can be added to your package as your business grows for an additional fee.

Intelecom Limited do not expect you to fit into a pre-determined package but instead will provide the exact services that you require. We have some of our clients who have their own dedicated members of staff providing everything from dealing directly with clients to running a payroll.

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