List Cleaning

Please note: To ensure high quality control we provide this service for small databases of less than 10,000 records only.

When embarking on a telesales campaign, most companies buy in a database but don't have the time to verify the company details and data it contains. Many companies specialise in the cleaning of large databases and very often will not take on small list cleaning jobs. Intelecom Limited do have the time and will happily take on those smaller jobs that others may turn away.

You may have a list of a few hundred leads that you would like to check are still valid before you start your telesales campaign but no-one in the office has the time to to call them and verifying the contact details.

It might be that you want to take all the sales leads your sales people have and put them into one centralised database to help combat duplication, but you do not have the time or maybe the staff to put all the details together and perform the list cleaning, so why not let Intelecom Limited do this for you.

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