Lead Validation

Lead Validation is vital for post exhibition/corporate event follow-up calls. Post-Event blues caused by the lull in sales activity after thr rush of an event can be avoided. There are many companies who will tell you that their most valuable leads from events are often lost because a significant number of the people who visited their stand and expressed an interest in the product or service did not make immediate buying signals.

At an exhibition or corporate event, your sales staff will quite correctly focus on those leads which display immediate buying signals, but more often then not, your sales staff almost never get around to contacting or re-contacting those who were merely window shopping at the event.

However, if people were interested enough in your product or service to be a window shopper at your stall, then there is a good chance that they will turn into buyers, but unless you are there when they finally decide to buy, someone else will get that business!

Don't let those sales enquiries go cold, Intelecom Limited can perform the sales lead validation service to establish the viability of the enquiry for you and make that all-important first call and then we can follow through after the first call ascertained that they were not yet ready to buy, and stay in touch with them for you until they are ready.

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