Infomation Gathering

When you need information about a company that is difficult to obtain, or for whatever reason, you cannot ask for the information yourself, Intelecom Limited can do it for you. Mailings are often sent out to the wrong people simply because no-one has checked that the contact is still valid. A phone call to verify the contact names can mean the difference between your mailing being read or placed in the circular file or worse still, the bin.

Telemarketing calls are often made to companies who are not in the market for your product or service which is a waste of time and resources that could be directed elsewhere. Buying a database is only the first step, even if you have specified strict criteria, as some of the details may have changed since the database was created. It is more cost effective to check the basic information about the company and contacts to ensure you have the right information before you start cold calling them.

Information gathering before hand helps make your marketing strategies more effective and powerful and the information Intelecom Limited gathers will allow you to "know before you go". All companies occasionally need to conduct market research and Intelecom Limited is perfectly placed to help.

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